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Sunday, December 6, 2009

At Random



next up is to do a custom layout round this joint...cause I'm picky like that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Proud Papa

A good friend of mine & her hubby are having their first child
From Imagery of Life

I couldn't resist this shot
taken w/the G1 phone

Monday, October 19, 2009


So I took this one with my G1 phone. AWESOME quality yes?

It feels GREAT outside today & I am just in awe of nature.

(plays Michael Jackson...)
"Could it be I've stayed away too long..."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vote 4 Me!

So here's the thing, I need your votes once a day EVERYDAY till the end of this year...

So if you could just click that pic, cast that vote, pass that info on and keep voting, I'd be most appreciative.

I do owe this blog some images...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roller Skates

I just happen to see this kid and asked him for the shot. Honestly, you don't see this much anymore.

taken with the cell phone 14JUN09

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Walking On A Sunny Day

It was a beautiful day for a walk outside...

From Walking On A Sunny Day

Taken with my cell phone on May 17, 2009

Catching Up

So I've done the digging and found a bit of stuff I've meant to post. Next batch will be images from my phone. You might be surprised at the shots I get.

I'm gonna try taking pictures of people more. (not the sly shots either) Lets face it though, my specialty is scenery and the candid event images.

See the world through my eyes...

Lost Stuffed Animal

I wanted to take him home, but I couldn't
From Lost Stuffed Animal
He just seemed so lonely...
Images taken with Nikon D80 from May 18th

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fests 09

I did get out to enjoy the Festivities of Summer in Chicago. Noticed I haven't been taking as many photos as I usually do, so my apologies if I didn't have enough for your taste.

From Blues Fest 09

You all know the drill, click the pic to see the album. Any feedback that is not outright rude and negative is most certainly welcome.

From Taste of Chicago 09

Any images can be sold to print! Just let me know which one(s) and we'll make that happen. (e-mail admin@lashon.org and include which picture and what size, stamp will be removed)

From House Fest 09

Summer is NOT over! Also noticed my son, Tristain/Tigger also has THE GIFT OF PHOTO! Will be posting his shots as well. This makes 3 generations y'all, I'm rather proud of my little genius!

Friday, July 3, 2009

General Question

In case I hadn't made it known, I'm one of those type to take a picture of something I think is HIGHlariously funny. Usually its people.

The question I pose is, do I start posting those images here?

Another question, do I move this cute little blog to my official site? Cause I'm feeling like it's time to make that move.

Don't forget, pass the blog link onto your friends. I'm sure plenty of them can appreciate these beautiful photos as much as I do. *smile*

Beach Shots

Finally, warm weather in Chicago! So I have beach shots once again...


Gonna have to download that picasa program so I can upload them all in one hit, LOL.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gathering My Thoughts

I know I've been missing in action round here. That hasn't been for a lack of images to share.

taken with my camera phone

I've recently done a shoot with me behind the camera instead of modeling. Gotta get that batch together and sift to pick the good gems.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quotable - Hijab & Religious "Requirements" of Women

"At that moment, I saw how religious opinions become rules, and how rules become cultural norms, and how norms can extinguish the bright light of individual truth."
- Andrea Useem

I applaud her for sharing her story. Through this article I found her story. I too am a typical westerner that really had no clue as to the why of east indian clothing for women in this respect. I too had presumed it as a negative form of oppression for women. While it is duly noted that men too are required to wear coverings that are modest, they are not so negatively forced to adhere to. This goes on the list of sexist groups in religion which is why I am not a participant of any form now. Men are not looked at with disgust or treated with disrespect if they are not covered as their texts would describe. Men are not treated like animals if they are 'caught' with those of the opposite sex that are not family. I could be, at this point, jumping to another area of such a thought, but I should hope that my overall point is understood.

Like religious texts for otehrs, this quote for me, is beyond a gospel. The standards of religious pasts and how people perceive them in today's times, I often shake my head at. I can't really say much more because my mind is jumping between the difference of religious vs social standards and it's all becoming a blur. Yes a lot they seem to be one and the same. Help me speak further on this, please.

In case anybody was wondering what I do practice, it's a general respect for all things. Respect life. A basic principal that I'm certain most if not all religions stress of it's followers. At least till it gets to the part that if you don't follow us, you'll suffer eternal torture when you die, LOL.

This concludes my prolific thought of this moment.

quPeace & blessings.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Camera

My guy dug this up from his storage. Loaded with film, it still works. No lens cover so first image is a waste. It's rather exciting to see older devices. I actually squealed when he said it was good.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ice Land

So I noticed how the set up on here isn't ideal for displaying a SLEW of photos. Since uploaded images go to Picaso, I'll just load them there so you can have the full album vew, and link here.

From Ice Land
And there you have the latest installment, Ice Land-03MAR09-The Harbor

Friday, March 20, 2009

Snow Blanket

From 07JAN09. We had damn near 60 degree weather 2 days later.
sorry about the date mix up...