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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In the morning

From From The Phone

The new year is almost upon us...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scenic Shots

Taken from April 2. Yep, still obsessed with trees.

Prints are available...admin@lashon.org

Friday, December 3, 2010

Reset Your Life Challenge - Rewind & Reset

You're looking that video because of it's message. On the 1st day of this challenge I had to find my Personal Mantra. While I did find something I thought was fitting, I forgot that THIS song served me better.

I've posted this on twitter before. The whole damn song really touches my heart.
"Life is good as I make it
I can't sit while you make it for me
I like those jewels you gave me
But I wanna buy some jewels for myself
To lose the ball and chain
Gotta reach for it
To realize my dreams
Gotta reach for it

Nothin' comes for free
Gotta reach for it
No I'm not gonna have to depend on you

I'm the only one
Who's responsible

For me havin' fun
And you can't my

Happiness is what my life's about
Happiness no I can't do without
Happiness nothing can stop me now
Through ups and downs I'm still happy"

Did you guess my new Personal Mantra? I've already tried reaching for them, I CAN'T STOP TRYING! How else will I succeed?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 2: Conduct a Life Assessment

Reset Your Life Day 2: Conduct a Life Assessment | Happy Black Woman | Helping Black Women Succeed in Life, Love & Business

I think this is major as most people tend to lie to themselves about anything important (yeah I said it, and?) so doing this Life Assessment is like an ULTIMATE truth session that ANYBODY can benefit from.

Initially I was all set to take a pic of my entry (I still like paper & pen vs a keyboard & machine) but, as this should for anyone, got a little too personal. If your answers don't shake you & rock you to your core, I don't think you're being honest enough with yourself. Either that or your life is just so peachy dandy perfect that you don't need to do this.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Personal Growth - Reset Your Life Challenge

Alright folks, starting today I'm on a plan to make improvements in my life. Check out Happy Black Woman's "31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge" 

I'm a passionately creative person, but I'm at a point in my journey through life that is overdue for focus, re-evaluation, & major positive improvement/change. I tell people don't wait till the new year for resolutions; if you need to do better, do it now! Lucky for me, this challenge showed up on my screen just in time.

Day 1 details (yes this is all a link)
So I got my notebook, a cool sketchbook my good friend gave me last time she visited the states this year.

& I think I finally have my personal mantra...
"I release feelings of unworthiness and embrace the knowing that I AM WORTHY!   All love, abundance and joy finds me with style!   Confidence is my middle name.   Bring it on!"

So here I go, hello reset, hello rediscovery, hello finding me.

The temp dropped so low last night I cursed myself for going out & today we have snow. Damn you Chicago, I'd like to go jogging again...outside...but what's the temp again? LOL Wait snow? I need to go take pictures!

Oh yeah, Tall Ships...need to handle that. Also did some cemetery shots...yeeehaw!