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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tall Ships 2010 - Teaser

Of course I'm late putting these up but any photographer knows how easy it is to forget photos you've taken when you're CONSTANTLY taking shots.

About 100 images to filter through I will post in the next few days. All were taking with my former cellular HTC Dream/G1. Yeah I know RIGHT! Further proof that it don't take an expensive camera all the time, but a damn good eye. (sometimes the Nikon is just too much to carry for me)

I said former cellular right? Now I'm on the G2 & that puppy has a flash...*evil chuckle* NOW NOTHING CAN STOP ME when I'm just out & about!
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April Prom

Now pardon my memory but I've forgotten the cilents' names but I know they were beyond happy with the photos they got to choose from. This collection is my pick, from over a 100 shots I took. I was beyond happy to be a part of such a grand occasion through Natural Beauty Photos.

I must say, wasn't she the ULTIMATE example of a proper Black Barbie?

Out & About - Revised

I know I owe you all a bunch of images. I'm still doing promotional marketing so I've had my hands full. Throw in winter in Chicago & you've got a chick that would rather bundle up on the couch than stroll the streets observing the sites.

So while handing out Forbes Magazines back in Oct, I took these shots. As I look through my files I realize I've forgotten plenty, including the Tall Ships Tour. Oh I gotta lotta work to do.

OCT292010 35th & Federal - Yeah, Stateway Gardens are long gone...

11NOV2010 State St. Bridge off Wacker Dr.

25OCT2010 Full Moon, just breathtaking for me
Remember the natives tried to be friends when before they got slaughtered. True history must never be forgotten, even if the text books tell us otherwise.

La Shón

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Vote

I've gone through some serious changes in the past few months. Haven't been shooting. Feels strange.

The next change is to have the camera back in my hands.
image taken with my G2 phone. Pretty effen awesome this device.